Positive Vibes


Lindsay from Nickel City Pretty came up to the studio today to experiment with something neither of us had ever worked with before: Holi Powder.

Initially, I set up a clean white backdrop, solid lighting, ya know... the works. Now I had never used Holi powder before so needless to say I was ecstatic to jump right in and play with it. Right when we were ready to shoot, my best friend, studio mate, and professional mom Ashley looked at us like we were insane. "You're going to use powder... inside? The mom in me is telling you that it's going to make the biggest mess ever and it's going to be impossible to clean up."

She Was Absolutely Right

I took a look around, assessed that she had made the point of the century, and remembered that the weather was actually above freezing temperatures for once! We gathered the powder and the gear and headed outside. Thankfully, the sky was mostly overcast (a photographer's dream weather) making the lighting even with only soft shadows.

I summoned the help of another creative in the studio: Rachel's (Indie Twenty) amazing intern Jayda who was in the studio for a photo shoot that happened just afterward. After hunting down an interesting and pretty neutral background that would allow the colors of the powder to pop, we tore into the pouches of Holi powder.

This Is When Things Got Fun

After setting up the camera on a tripod and ensuring that my shutter speed was high and the ISO was low, I began to click away! Jayda tossed the colored powder directly at and through Lindsay to surround her with the color and dust that it created. I directed Lindsay to keep from cringing when the powder landed on her face and she nailed it.

After going through a few different colors, I had Lindsay pose with all the powder settled so we didn't have any dust surrounding her. She gathered some powder in her hands and smeared it across her face to create an amazing primal aesthetic that I went crazy over.

It Was Messy, Elegant, and Epic

Check out the shots below and enjoy a playlist I curated specifically for this set.

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Settings for this shoot: 1/1600 sec at f/2.8, ISO 320