This past weekend I was invited to be a guest photographer by Brandon Lua and Alexis Bandera at an awesome and unique event that they hosted at an AirBNB in Downtown Buffalo. Local aspiring models were also invited to get a vibe for what it's like to work with different photographers in different settings.




The location was definitely not in short supply of great setups for photo shoots with a neon sign that read "Heavenland", a stuffed coyote, a fifth floor fire escape that overlooked Downtown, a large and energetic sign with electric typography, and natural-light-flooded rooms with an industrial flare.




I had the opportunity to work with a lot of different models, but I gravitated towards a few of the people that I'm really comfortable shooting with including professional plus size model Caralyn Mirand, the personality behind Nickel City Pretty and founder of the Buffalo Blogger Network Lindsay Robson, and up and coming model (and one of the most chill people I know) Jillian Brennan.

With beats playing, everyone around me doing something awesome, and photos that are pure gold, it's easy to say that the event was beyond epic.


Check out some of the shots below and hit play on the Spotify playlist to put yourself in the vibes.






Lindsay Robson

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Caralyn Mirand

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Jillian Brennan

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